The social media is becoming more and more popular, with millions of users all over the world, with the advent of smartphones, it is becoming easier and easier for users to stay connected with each other and to  stay abreast of events and situations going on around them. First, I will like to give you some statistics so that you will understand how huge this is:

  • There are 1.01 billion mobile users of social media as of 2014 world wide
  • There are 43 million mobile users of Instagram users alone.
  • 300m million users of Instagram users are active per month.
  • 90% of department stores in the United States alone used Instagram in 2014, not talk of other developed countries or China. There was a significant jump from 62% in 2013.


While is above statistics is by no means exhausted I know that must have given you a glimpse into the enormous potential of a social media site like Instagram. While it continues to grow in popularity with users always wondering about how to get more Instagram likes or how to get followers on instagram, it only becomes more sensible for businesses to make their prescence known on this platform. Some business owners might thing think that it is so easy to operate, it is only a matter of posting pictures and waiting for users or followers to comment or like those images they have posted, it requires more effort than that if we want to benefit from the huge potential of this social media site as a marketing platform.

Instagram has a Bio section, that is the first thing a new user of Instagram must take advantage of, this section is positioned at the top of your profile. You must use this space to showcase your business, your business information and what you do.  One thing you must also note is that people like to be entertained; nobody will look at your profile more than once if it is boring. So make sure your profile is entertaining for viewers, let people know that you are not just another boring business trying to project through Instagram by including a little personality. All your social media accounts must also be linked to your Instagram account. This will ensure a huge increase in traffic between your different accounts.

Another thing you must do is to share images that are personal and of high quality, don’t feature magazine pictures, you will notice that you will gain more traffic and not have to worry about how to get Instagram likes or how to gain Instagram followers. You will begin to build a presence that is more friendly and approachable. User can relate more to images like that and they will enjoy visiting your account again and again.

Hash-tags are extremely important, ensure that you include hash-tags so that your images can be discovered by potential customers or interested parties. You should use carefully chosen hash-tags to ensure your images comes up more in searches and get the attention of those you are trying to reach. Users can use a minimum of 5 hash-tags received more attention and interactions from users. If you have already established harsh-tags on other media sites, you can continue to use them on Instagram as well.

There has a huge potential as a marketing tool if it is used properly. Try and utilize the techniques I mentioned above and you would not have to worry about so much about how to get more likes on instagram or How to get Instagram followers, it will flow naturally. If you don’t have an account on Instagram, you should create one today.